blueCFD ThirdParty 2.0-1 Release Notes
(Wednesday, 14 December 2011) Written by Administrator

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blueCFD ThirdParty is a service package designed to integrate additional free and/or open source software packages provided online into your blueCFD installation. The objectives are: to improve user experience with blueCFD; to provide additional support to those free and open source efforts.


Features of blueCFD ThirdParty 2.0-1:

  • First release of this package, along with a dedicated User Guide for helping getting started with each software.

  • All packages are contained (as best as possible) to the blueCFD installation, so there won't be collisions between various installations of the same software.

  • Discretizer has been moved from the main blueCFD package onto this new package. The distributed version is downloaded directly from the Discretizer project's website.

  • Notepad2, along with a quick right-click on any file in Windows Explorer, allowing the user to quickly edit any file in each simulation case.

  • Gnuplot, to make life easier to plot residuals and some results.

  • GNU Debugger (GDB), as a complement to the development packages provided with blueCFD.

  • Python, for using with PyFoam and other advanced scripting capabilities that users might find useful.

  • The excellent swak4Foam has been added to the cross-compiled software list, which provides very powerful capabilities to users for manipulating fields and boundary conditions, without the need for coding in C++.

  • A limited toolset from PyFoam has also been adapted and made available, to unleash the Python feature in swak4Foam, where Python code can be used for manipulating fields and boundaries.

  • The viscoelastic solver and libraries that were already distributed with blueCFD 1.7, have also been moved from the main blueCFD package to this new one. The code was also updated from the 1.6-ext version of Project Extend.

Know limitations


  • Only a few scripts of PyFoam have been tested, namely those that swak4Foam needs. All other features from PyFoam, such as GUI and graph generation, are missing or untested. There is still a lot of work to be done with the porting/adaptation of PyFoam to the Windows environment.

  • The feature on swak4Foam for interacting with pythonFlu is currently not available, since pythonFlu is also not currently available for Windows.

  • Discretizer might not be working at 100% with OpenFOAM 2.0.

System data

The versions of the software used to create this package:

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